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Mini DoughnutRobot Fryer Manual Voltage 220V. Easy to use and maintain. Semi Automatic. Includes Fryer Selling .  Welcome to contact Faith  Tel : 011 – 4529364 or 011-6093044. Email:

All Bake 2 Rack Prover Side by Side


All Round Bakery Home Contact Us: Faith on Tel: 011 – 6093044
All Bake Stainless Steel Provers
All Bake Provers 2 Rack Side By Side Prover

Capacity: 2 x Trolley
Electrical spec: 6.0 Kw
Dimensions: (W) 2050mmx (H) 2000mmx(D) 1030m

Leadtime+- 2 weeks manufacturing from date of placement of order.

Selling at R35 980.00 Excl Vat Less 10% 


Special on Confectionery Trolleys 450×750 18 Tier And 30 Tier Square Bar Mild Steel Powdered Coated

Confectionery Trolleys  and Loaf  Mild Steel Powdered Coated Round Bar with Cast Iron Wheels

600×400  18 Tier at R4900.00 Excl Vat Less 10%

600×400 30 Tier at R5500.00 Excl Vat Less 10%

450×750 18 Tier  at R5200.00 Excl Vat. Less 10%

450×750 30 Tier at R5800.00 Exc Vat Less 10%

580×780 18 Tier at R5400. 00 Excl Vat Less 10%

580×780 30 Tier at R6000.00 Excl. Vat Less 10%

80 Loaf B04  at R4700.00 Excl Vat Less 10%

100 Loaf  B05 at R 4900.00 Excl Vat Less 10%

120 Loaf  B04 at R5200.00 Excl Vat Less 10%

120 Loaf B03 Double  at R6600.00  Excl. Vat Less 10%

150 Loaf B05 at R 5450.00 Excl. Vat Less 10%

180 Loaf B05 at  R8900.00 Excl. Vat Less 10%



Please contact Faith on Tel: 011 – 4529364/6093044 or email

Leadtime : Pending on stock availability +- 2 weeks to manufacture

Winter Specials – 2nd May – 31st May 2019

Welcome to contact Faith on Tel: 011 – 6093044 / 011 – 4529364 or email:

Freezer Jacket Standard Lining   selling at R345.80 excl Vat (S, M, L)

Freezer Trousers Standard lining  selling at R238.00 excl Vat (S, M, L)

Freezer Jacket Double lined selling at R542.00 excl Vat (S,M, L)

Freezer Trousers Double lined selling at R3335.00 excl Vat (S, M, L)

1 Piece Freezer Suit double lined selling at R615.00 exc Vat (S, M, L)

Prices are quoted as per rise per size